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Welcome to Rooted

in Breath.

A space for 

Connection, Learning, Growth, and Healing Centering BIPOC Women. 

Rooted In Breath 

Is a place to pause and regroup.  Every system in our body is reliant on oxygen to function.  So before we can give to others we need to catch our breath.

Select the program that feels right for you

We offer several ways for you to connect with yourself and with our community.  


This shared wellness journey provides space to heal in community.   


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Getting "Unstuck" Coaching

We offer both group and individual coaching offering folks the space to move beyond the barriers that prevent you from moving towards your goals. 


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The Breathing Space


Monthly Workshops. Weekly Mindful Movement Practices. Pop-up Events.

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Nice to meet you!

Hey Sis!  I’m ShaQuan, a Licensed Professional Counselor, Certified EMDR & Brainspotting Therapist, Certified Trauma Focused Yoga Practitioner. I help you learn to navigate you nervous system so you can begin to life a full, grounded and connected life.

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